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'External Audio Source Active' message in the instrument cluster[edit]

When you are using the steering wheel left roller button on Android, your instrument cluster would keep show 'External Audio Source Active' message. To clear this message and bring back the speedometer, use the Reset button on the bottom of the right Multifunction wiper control switch stalk instead of any other button in the steering wheel.


Bluetooth Serial Communication Problem[edit]

DO NOT INSTALL torque app until further noticed or force any kind of bluetooth setting change from android system.

The BT is not like normal smartphone BT. It's special one designed to receive a2dp music streaming, handsfree call whereas a normal smartphone does send a2dp music streaming and send handsfree call.

If you install torque or any other app that induces BT module to work like normal smart phone, then the BT capability will be lost.

To fix this, there is no way but do factory restore in the realsun setting.

Solving Google Crash error[edit]

This is due to some apps not getting required permission from the system. Normally, each app should prompt permission request, but somehow it's not working well in current system image builds. To solve this follow the following instruction.

1) Do the factory reset from Realsun Settings

2) Manually correct the date and time according to your location/time zone. This is really important as some encryptions are based on time stamp.

3) After this, update all google apps by logging in to the Play Store. Do not install anything else.

4) Do followings:

For Google Now Launcher

  • Go to Android Settings

For RSNAV Audi Launcher

  • Go to Apps -> Settings

In Android settings,

  • Apps -> Click on the upper right corner three dots -> Click 'Show System' -> Click each app, and give all the permission the app is requiring.

If the error persists, contact us.

SIM Card direction[edit]

10.25" Models


7", 10.1" Models


SIM card not recognized even if correctly inserted[edit]

If you plugged in the SIM correctly, and when it's not recognizing the SIM yet, try following.

Take out sim card, put it in again in the right direction, hear if you can 'click'. Restart device from realsun setting or start the device if it was off. See if the SIM is recognized, if not Go to (Android)Settings -> About -> Model no. -> touch 10 times fast


on Phone app dial to *#*#3646633#*#*

After, when MTK engineering mode pops up, go to 'Telephony section' -> BSPtelephonyDevTool -> click SIM card missing, then SIM plug OUT and finally IN and then reboot.

Most of the time, this solves the problem.

If not, try with other SIM card. Often some SIM card gets damaged and not recognized. It's not important if the SIM card works with other devices, but try another SIM card with the RSNAV Android Device to be sure.

We do test SIM card functionality before we ship every unit.

Increase RSNAV android sound output to the maximum[edit]

Follow the below procedure, and verify if the volume level is good when you complete each step. Do not proceed unnecessarily further if satisfied.

1. Run Volume Adjust app from APP menu and max out all the gauges.

2. In Realsun Setting, go to sound volume setting, uncheck to restore to default, and max out the volume to.

3. on Phone app dial to *#*#3646633#*#*

After, when MTK engineering mode pops up, go to 'Hardware Testing' tab and open 'Audio' tab.

Go to Headset Mode, and set volume to 160, press 'Set'.

To make sure, perform the same with Normal mode as well.

4. In Audi original interface's sound setting, maximize input level of the external audio input.