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I’m an owner of one of your devices ( and I’m facing an issue. I got device with 8.0.5 version of software and proceed with update to 9.1.3 version which caused boot loop on my device and I can no longer use it. I’ve gone through wiki linked on your website but couldn’t find the answer. Is there any possibility to fix this? Can I somehow get 8.0.5 software from you and downgrade it? I’m attaching some photos as well.

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Version 9.1.9.yl.a[edit]

I've upgraded to the latest version in my 2016 A7 with the 4th gen box, but I dont see the enhanced mic adjustments. Is there an issue or something else I need? I've verified that the unit has accepted the update. Trying to resolve the horrible mic echo and was hoping this might be it, but there's no change.