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Just got around to installing. Everything is up to date. Nav works, Backup camera works great after adding a 5$ relay.Screen is amazing. But no audio from the new unit? CD works, am/fm works, sat radio works. Just no sound from any media player or bluetooth through the unit. I uninstalled everything and plugged the old stuff in to see if i fried the ami or something but all works as normal. put the new system back in after inspecting the harness very carefully for any idiot marks from fishing wires through the dash. (no marks) Still no audio from the unit. Checked every volume level in the universe. No clue what is happening.

Oddly! The only app I have found on it that makes any sound is the google maps app on the system not through carplay. And it only comes out the front center speaker. But does dim the CD player or other audio from the original system as it should. I read somewhere this could be caused by a common ground being used by the rear speakers. and may me remedied by adding new speaker wires with seperate grounds???

There was no splicing. I have completely reset the system multiple times. I am baffled here...

Any help?

The car in question is a 2014 Audi A5 Quattro, with AMI not MMI The audi concert with the knob on the dash not the console.